Is KP Underwriting, LLC approved to provide rated ages for CMS?
Yes, KP Underwriting, LLC is approved by CMS to provided rated ages.  We have been providing MSA rated ages for CMS for over 10 years.

What is your turn-around time for cases?
Cases are processed the same business day they are received.  Cases submitted after business hours are processed first thing the next morning.

What type of medical information do you need?
The most recent information available is best.  But we realize that sometimes current medicals are not available.  The medical records should contain information surrounding the injury and any medical impairments.

How do the medical records need to be sent to KP Underwriting, LLC?
They can be received by email, fax or mail.  Due to HIPPA regulations and confidentiality, the medical records are deleted or shredded immediately following review.

What is sent following review of the medical records?
A one page Word document is prepared  with the information needed by CMS.

What is the cost and billing method?
The price is negotiated prior to receipt of the medical records.  Billing can be done on a per case basis, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.